The Bridgwater Way is in the process of delivering 6 miles of new or improved walking and cycling routes between Bridgwater and North Petherton. This will make walking and cycling a safe, direct and reliable way of getting about. Improved routes will be a mixture of on and off road improvements. Routes will be designed to be easy to follow, using local landmarks and bespoke signing, to make cycling and walking a more attractive travel option.

Some of key improvements are as follows:

  • A direct route linking North Petherton to Bridgwater adjacent toTaunton Road, including a new bridge at Stockmoor Rhyne
  • Improvements to the canal path will maximise the use of this often overlooked local asset  and make it more enjoyable for walking and cycling
  • A new north/south link through Stockmoor and Hamp
  • A new east/west between Wilstock and Taunton Road

Some highlights on the route:

  • Enjoy the view of Bridgwater from the outskirts of North Petherton on a new off road cycle and walking route
  • Decide whether you want to take the direct Taunton Road route, or the quieter streets of Stockmoor and Hamp
  • Whatever route you take, enjoy crossing one of two new bridges over Stockmoor Rhyne on your journey
  • Enjoy improved links from Wilstock to other destinations on new walking and cycling routes, such as the Hamp Greenway
  • Pop in to the Rhode Lane Shops and take in the improvements to the streets of Hamp following a community led design project
  • Say hello to the fishermen and canal boats while using the newly improved beautiful Bridgwater Taunton Canal
  • Pause to admire the tranquillity of Browne’s pond, lovingly restored by local residents
  • Wave to the magnificent YMCA building and take in views across the Meads while travelling on the improved canal path
  • Arrive at town centre, west gate, in style through the historic Blake gardens

For detailed drawings of the above routes, visit:

If you are interested in seeing a specific section of a scheme these can be found in the right hand column, each scheme is in number format.